If Phoenix band Motive has an actual motive, it's having a good time, and that means booze, metal, sex, and -- wait, did we say booze? Plus, these guys make some crushingly heavy music that's a blend of Testament, Obituary, and Amon Amarth. To understand Motive's sound in a single shot, check out "Great Pleasure" -- aside from being the standout song on Rock 'N' Roll Terrorist, it showcases guitarist Randy Davis' intricate riffs and offers up drumming so fast it'll make whiplash inevitable. Davis recently scored a full endorsement from Dean Guitars, undoubtedly because he knows how to annihilate audiences with solos full of squealing and sweeps, particularly on "Thirty Day Notice." Front man Steve Buschart sings and screams with equal strength, but unfortunately avoids Cookie Monster vocals, which could enhance the sound. Overall, Motive can handle everything from speed metal ("Cancer of My Life") to a slow, doom-style march ("Mourning Serenade"), though the former is clearly its strength. And while the album title doesn't make sense (what, is metal taking on rock 'n' roll?), it really doesn't matter -- from the first time you hear Davis play a solo, you know you're in for a heavy dose of metal.


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