Movement Mondays

The hipster headquarters known as Glam, 3174 East Indian School Road, isn't just a hotspot for seeing faux-hawked emo kids making out with chicks wearing American Apparel on a glowing, multicolored dance floor straight outta Saturday Night Fever. The joint's like the world's coolest jukebox come to life, with bomb-ass jams from different genres getting pumped every night of the week, whether it's the Faux Show cats pimping indie shit on Fridays or Joshie and Brandtlee spending their Thursdays spinning high-energy electro. Mondays, however, are the domain of the Boombox Crew — consisting of DJs ROFL, G-Haad, and Issa, as well as hip-hop impresario Brad-B and graf diva mOsha (a.k.a. Jesika Jordan). This cabal of cool breaks out its vinyl collections filled with funk, soul, dubstep, underground hip-hop, and "whatever the fuck else we want" for the night, which also promises $1 PBRs and $2 kamikazes. The needles start dropping at 10 p.m. with no cover. Call 602-955-5689.


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