Moving Units

Moving Units: "Hot love in your heart."
Autumn de Wilde

L.A.'s Moving Units worship at the altar of Robert Smith, injecting their very of-the-moment dance rock with a fat dose of post-punk. Like comrades in arms Interpol, The Faint, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Moving Units will get your skinny ass shaking with disco-chic ditties about dance clubs, drama, and drama at dance clubs. After releasing critically acclaimed dance-rock albums on the Palm Pictures label in 2002 (Moving Units) and 2004 (Dangerous Dreams), the indie darlings are about to release their new, as-yet-untitled album on the Metropolis label, home to such beat-heavy beasts as KMFDM and Combichrist. Whether MU is moving toward a similarly darker, less pop style remains to be seen — but we doubt it, judging by the band's description of its music on MU's MySpace page, declaring that the band sounds like "hot love in your heart."

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