I need a Muse: England's latest buzz band hits the Valley.

This English band, named after a Talking Heads song, originally formed in the late '80s after all the members met in art school. After recording a debut EP, the group released its first full-length album, Pablo Honey, in 1993, which spawned the international smash single "Creep." Although some thought it would be a one-hit wonder, the band followed with the well-received The Bends, which featured a handful of successful singles. But that achievement was surpassed by 1997's stunning OK Computer -- universally hailed as one of the finest albums of the decade, if not all of British music history -- which expertly melded the singer's intensely dramatic croon with arty, prog-informed guitar-rock and subtle electronics to reach the heights of tragically beautiful and powerful . . .

Oh, wait, heh-heh . . . my bad. I mistook Muse for Radiohead. Oh, well, you probably will, too.

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