Body Count: “I think we’ll always have shit we’re pissed off at in life.”
Courtesy of Sumerian Records

Music Feature: Ice-T and Body Count

Ice-T admitted to “mailing it in” for his band Body Count’s 2006 album Murder 4 Hire. The rapper was knee-deep in being a full-time actor at the time and didn’t have the time or energy to give it his all, especially in the wake of the death of founding member D-Roc the Executioner.

Now, Ice-T and Body Count are back with a refocused effort, Manslaughter. What Murder 4 Hire lacked, Manslaughter more than makes up for. Sonically and lyrically, the album frequently channels the power and enraged energy of the band’s 1992 eponymous debut. With songs glorifying crime, violence, and freaky sex, along with tracks fighting the establishment or slamming societal issues, Ice-T sounds as pissed off as ever 22 years later after the band’s breakthrough debut.

Read more of our interview with Ice-T here.


Music Feature: Ice-T and Body Count


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