MxPx Lead Singer Brings Country/Rockabilly Side Project to Yucca Tap Room

MxPx singer Mike Herrera (left) brings the country.
MxPx singer Mike Herrera (left) brings the country.

MxPx lead singer Mike Herrera will bring his side project Tumbledown to Tempe's Yucca Tap Room for a free show Monday, March 23. But don't expect to hear the sugary pop-punk sweetness that MxPx is known for because Tumbledown is the night to MxPx's day.

The band has a rockabilly/country sound and an arsenal of awesome tracks under its belt from the sounds of what's posted on its MySpace page. Be sure to check out the five-song sampler, which includes the stand-out "Sunny in Dallas."

According to a press release the band's rep sent New Times, Herrera has been writing country jams since 1998 and counts Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Bill Monroe among his influences.

We recommend getting to this show early. If it's anything like the crowd that swarmed to see Avail's Tim Barry last week, it's sure to fill up fast.

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