Naim Amor

Tucson may seem like an unlikely home for a French man who plays jazzy, eclectic pop-folk, but Parisian transplant Naim Amor is a man of many flavors. While his own melancholy music is filled with dreamy, soft instrumentation and his smoky-voiced accent, he considers everyone from the Sex Pistols to Rachmaninoff to be influences. And Amor's done all right in T-town. He met and married another French musician (dreamy-voiced rock artist Marianne Dissard), and he's made plenty of friends and fans everywhere, including DeVotchKa — who had him sing on their song "Viens Avec Moi" — and Calexico's Joey Burns, who plays acoustic guitar on Amor's latest album, Exsanguine. True to the wistful, woozy shuffle and intimate feel of songs like "Le Wepler" and "Son Petit Sourire," Amor's Valley show takes place at a small beatnik cafe in the downtown arts district. And with Dissard's haunting vocals joining the jazzy jam, the night could turn into something like a Parisian cabaret experience — minus the super huge fine wine menu.


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