NeedToBreathe @ Marquee Theatre

Usually, band's origin stories are pretty similar to one another. You know the drill: The members, outcasts at school, rebelled against their parents and wound up in a forceful, angst-y band. That's not really how things worked for the members of NeedToBreathe. The stripped down Southern-sounding quintet hailing from Seneca, South Carolina, features brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart as co-frontmen. Though many a teen would be eager to break away from the family, what resulted for these boys was a Christian rock band sounding like a more folkified, less hipster, more religious, less electric version of Kings of Leon. (Is it just coincidence that KoL is also a band from the South that includes brothers who have a father as a pastor?) Even though they haven't come out with a new record since way back in 2009, they're in the throes of a month-long tour.


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