Neva Dinova

"Welcome back to The Insider, I'm Pat O'Brien! Thanks to The O.C. , indie rock is hotter than ever! And nowhere is it more sizzling than in, get this, Nebraska, where upstart Saddle Creek Records is home to several acts on the verge of stardom. One of them is a quintet called Neva Dinova, and joining us here in the studio is singer Jake Bellows."

"Actually, Pat, we're not on Saddle Creek."

"You're not?"


Neva Dinova

Rhythm Room

Scheduled to perform on Friday, November 4

"No. We get that a lot. We're just from Omaha, but we're friends with some of those guys and have toured with Bright Eyes and stuff."

"Okay, well, uhhh, how does it feel to be a hot new band!?"

"Thing is, Pat, we've been around since 1992, so . . ."



"Look, pal, I don't know anything about you or your music -- my producers told me you're some hot new band, so work with me here. What do you sound like?"

"I dunno, man. We've gotten compared to Pavement, Jeff Buckley, and, umm, Coldplay, but I don't --"

"Coldplay, okay, I know them, I can go with that one."

"But --"

Okay, Pat, on three, two, one . . .

"Welcome back to The Insider, I'm Pat O'Brien! If you like Coldplay, then boy, have I got a band for you . . ."


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