Never Sleep Again Tour

Argue if you will about screamo's artistic merit -- if you were 16, growing up in an environment of Incubus and Limp Bizkit, you'd have a lot of outrage, too. Victory Records has emerged as the SST of this genre, which is to say that the Chicago indie's got the golden touch for the moment. In the past couple years, artists like Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights, and Silverstein have sold more than a quarter of a million albums apiece. It's nothing short of a groundswell. As Canadian quintet Silverstein unveils a new album, and with Hawthorne Heights preparing to release its own after the new year, this is one of the more anticipated tours of the year. Both bands were mobbed during Warped Tour, and, as the Never Sleep Again Tour's name implies, they're not about to let the momentum slacken. Silverstein shows a lot of growth on Discovering the Waterfront, with more memorable melodies and arrangements, straying from the typical croon-growl-hardcore breakdown construct. Meanwhile, Hawthorne Heights lacks the musical intricacy and intensity of Silverstein, aiming for a popular if derivative sound that's something like Good Charlotte with a mild mood disorder.


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