Nevermore @ Club 24

Once upon a midnight dreary, while other folks are asleep and weary, Club 24 will welcome many a freak through its door. It's all for a big party, with music both dark and arty, that's simply titled Nevermore. Edgar Allan Poe is the inspiration behind this insidious dance party gestation, which goes down on Saturday, January 11. Expect the mood to be festive and tragic, with local mixmasters working their magic, creating a dreary and doomy dance heaven. The soundtrack will be similarly macabre, with darkwave and death rock being lobbed, as well as tracks both industrial and gothic. But try not to over-sample, all the absinthe and alcohol most ample, or you may meet a fate quite catastrophic. The DJ duo of Aeternum and Tristan/Iseult will lead an all-out audio assault, dropping tracks to keep the dance floor alive. The party begins at nine in the evening, and if you're wondering how much cash to be bringing, the cover is only a five. Club 24 is located at 2424 East Thomas Road. Call 602-334-1462.


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