New Release Tuesday: Kid Sister

Kid Sister's long-await debut album Ultraviolet finally hits stores today
Kid Sister's long-await debut album Ultraviolet finally hits stores today

The one thing that caught my attention the first time I heard Kid Sis' "Control" from A-Trak's Dirty South Dance is how talented an MC she is (A-Track produced Ultraviolet). Her sultry, cocky singing style compliments her quick rhyming cadence. She has an irresistible quality about her voice -- one that draws you in from that initial listen. Her boastful, bombastic rhyming style is actually quite endearing -- just another thing that Kid Sis does effortlessly on her debut album.

The already established songs -- "Pro Nails," "Get Fresh," and "Right Hand Hi" -- are joined by a smattering of other solid tracks such as "Life on TV," "Step" (featuring Estelle) and "Daydreaming" (featuring Cee-Lo). The second group of songs really drive home the pop appeal that makes Kid Sister such a multifarious artist. She has twinges of her hook-singing guest Estelle, yet she has the cadence and bravado of an MC.

Ultraviolet is a great little curveball in the way of 2009's hip hop releases. In a year dominated by Jay-Z and Kid CuDi, Kid Sister has finally emerged to hold her own amongst some of the big names in hip hop. It doesn't hurt that she is a protégé of professional loudmouth Kanye West (ugh), but at least she didn't have aficionados of all things bland and unimpressive MGMT as guests on her album (yeah you, Kid CuDi). However, it is Kid Sis' vocals and her impeccable singing style that shape her debut album and help solidify her spot as a rising talent.

Ultraviolet is out now on Fool's Gold/Downtown Records.

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