NEXTfest @ The Sail Inn

With both South by Southwest and Coachella fresh in our minds, it's easy to look at those festivals and feel a little envious. After all, we host our fair share of festivals in the Valley, but rarely do we ever pull in the amount of star power as some other, bigger festivals. But despite the lack of big-name musical acts, the current festival scene does have its upsides. Most notably is the fact that we seemingly have at least one festival for each kind of music fan. South by Stateside is for the indie music lovers; Shizzfest has a little more garage rock; McDowell Mountain Music combines a bit of everything and still manages to pull in a big name or two each year. NEXTfest is yet another music festival to add to the list of genre-specific fests, this one for the electro and DJ set. This year's festival will feature nine up-and-coming acts, including Crusher Sound System, Mr. Meeble, DJ Radar, Super Stereo, DJentrification, Pablo Gomez, Deconstruction, Orphans, and Discombobulator.


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