Nick Lowe

In the midst of his career renaissance as the silver-fox master of many musical milieus comes the 30th anniversary reissue of Nick Lowe's debut solo album. Jesus of Cool has been restored to its original title and running order after first seeing life in the U.S. as Pure Pop for Now People. In the liner notes of the new edition, Lowe says he and his manager cribbed the title from a music journalist's description of him. "We thought it was ludicrous but fantastic, an outrageous thing to say." Equally outrageous is how well the material has held up for three decades — a testament to Lowe's solid skills as a songwriter. After years as a driving force of England's pub rock scene with the band Brinsley Schwarz, Lowe aligned himself with his nation's emerging punk movement — producing early recordings by The Damned, Elvis Costello, and others — and reinvented himself musically as well. Jesus put him at the forefront of the nascent New Wave with signature songs such as "I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass" and "So It Goes." The reissue features a generous 10 bonus tracks from the same period. Best of all, this disc is slated to be the beginning of a long overdue Lowe reissue series.


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