Nick Warren

Nick Warren @ Bar Smith

The rising EDM boom in America is one vulnerable to trends: even has-been nü-metal troglodytes Korn have added bass drops to their ham-fisted, distorted chords. UK DJ Nick Warren, a specialist in house and progressive techno, has been spinning and mixing for over 20 years, and though his career has not been impervious to the shifts in dance music's scenery, his longevity stems from deftly navigating the waves of progressive trance and house. Warren actually started out spinning reggae and indie in Bristol in the late '80s, eventually getting swept up in the massive tide of English house and taken out on the road by trip-hop legends Massive Attack as their touring DJ, something certainly not lost on the cool-kid mobs likely to attend his upcoming night at Bar Smith's Giant Wednesdays. By the turn of the millennium, Warren's name was included among internationally renowned DJs like Sasha and Paul Oakenfold. These days, he is known best for his eclectic and respected Global Underground mixes, his Way Out West remix project with producer Jody Wisternoff, and his work for breaks label Hope Recordings. He's currently at work on a mix of left-field as well as dance-floor tracks for the Renaissance Master's Series, evidence of a career built on varied sounds that are made to last.


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