Since Nickelback-bashing has become almost as clichéd as the band's music, I decided to take a different approach. I registered at the band's official message board,, and asked some of Nickelback's biggest fans why, exactly, they like Nickelback. Here are some of the replies:

Russell, board moderator: "By incorporating pyrotechnics, beer and T-shirt giveaways, and jokes and stories in between songs, they put on a better live performance than anyone else I have seen in concert."

Laila: "i like nickelback because they have songs that i as 15 year old girl can relate to. i have been a fan since i was 8 years old and heard how you remind me. then the best day of my life came when i seen them in concert they had put on a better live show THAN ANY OTHER band i have ever seen."


Nickelback Arena in Glendale

Nickelback is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, September 8.

Lou Lou: "The thing about music is not to give you a message, but to entertain you, take you away from where you are at! There are no bullshit attacks at the government, or guilt at the state of the world, they are just great rock it up tunes."

Becky: "Their songs are outstanding and really tell a story that can relate to anyone. I can guarantee that if you search through their albums you will find a song that you can relate to, and it's not just about drugs and rock n roll, its about real life, friendship, love, commitment, dedication and childhood memories."


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