Night Ranger @ Comerica Theatre

"Big in Japan" is a punch line to a joke about how bands actually kind of suck, but if you say that sort of thing around Night Ranger, Jack Blades should turn to you and say, "Thank you. We are far more popular in Japan than in the United States, where we're largely known for that one song used in Boogie Nights. We are proud of our work for our Japanese fan base, including three live albums." And you would respond, "Yes, I am familiar with that scene where the guy is setting off firecrackers. It's strange, and the movie goes downhill from there. I am happy for your Japanese success, Mr. Blades. If only American audiences were more sophisticated." Unfortunately, I couldn't verify what sort of set Night Ranger will be performing as part of their headline set conveniently placed in the middle of the Christmas Pudding show, so audiences could get home early. Considering the trend of bands performing their classic albums in their entirety recently, I'm crossing my fingers for a revisiting of the classic 1985 album, Seven Wishes, the best rock record loosely themed around World War II-era aircraft. Konichiwa to you, Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, and company. You might not get the same ecstatic response you would in the Fukuoka prefecture, but even when one audience member is given the joy of the Ranger, the joy of music wins.


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