Night Train: Central/Thomas (Stop #8)

Night Train: Central/Thomas (Stop #8)

Where: Club Central (3121 N. Third Ave., #140; 602-200-8121). It's a 10-15 walk minute north of the station.

Drink: Tap That Ass ($8), a heady brew consisting of Hennessy, cranberry, and Alizé. That green thing next to it is The Incredible Hulk (Hennessy and Hypnotique).

Scene: A two-story nightclub complete with two bars, tables for dining, a dance floor, a stage, and a space for karaoke. Proprietor/barkeep Wilford is a nice fella who chatted us up for a couple of hours as we sucked down his powerful concoctions. "They do the job," Wilford said. Amen, brother. But don't worry, lightweights, he's willing to mix them in such a way "that you'll still be able to drive." Not that that matters if you're light-railing it. Wilford boasted about his country-fried catfish, weekend entertainment slates, and Friday two-for-one happy hour specials. Definitely a cool place. --Jay Bennett

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