Nightmare of You

The Smiths inspire the formation of a new band about once every 3.7 seconds, which means in the time it takes you to read this sentence, two guys with hard-ons for Morrissey have decided to pick up a mic and mope about how bad their middle-class childhoods were. In the time it takes to read this second sentence, one of these bands has already broken up and a second is getting booed off a stage somewhere northwest of Poughkeepsie. By the time you finish this third sentence, Nightmare of You front man Brandon Reilly (formerly of The Movielife) will prove that at least some spoiled white kids know how to market gloom like Morrissey. Okay, that's just theatrics; he proved as much when his band released its eponymous debut last year. But the truth of the matter is, NOY manages to channel The Smiths while injecting a healthy dose of New York dance rock into the mix. The result: what The Smiths would've sounded like if Moz had grown up in Long Island in the late '90s.


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