No. 1 Sufjan Stevens - Countdown of the Best Concerts of 2010

No. 1 Sufjan Stevens - Countdown of the Best Concerts of 2010

Over the last days of 2010 Up On The Sun has counted down the best live shows of 2010. Today we look at the #1 show of the year, Sufjan Stevens at Mesa Arts Center.

Show: Sufjan Stevens at Mesa Arts Center
Date: Friday, October 22, 2010
Background:Sufjan Stevens started his fall tour amidst a lot of controversy. His  electro-poppy new album, The Age of Adz, proved extremely controversial with reviewers. Partly because of the profanity -- Sufjan has a huge Christian fan base -- but also because he'd switched his primary instrument from the banjo to a laptop.
Why is stood out: Sufjan's show was extraordinary in every sense. It wasn't perfect -- his 25 minute song "Impossible Soul" was actually pretty boring -- but it was such an ambitious undertaking that even the hiccups only made the evening more memorable.
Someone else said: "It was the perfect ending to the perfect night and possibly the greatest show I've ever seen. And I've seen thousands." -Ed Masley of the Arizona Republic.

Read the full review here.

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