No. 6 A Perfect Circle - Countdown of the Best Concerts of 2010

No. 6 A Perfect Circle - Countdown of the Best Concerts of 2010
Maria Vassett

Over the last days of 2010 Up On The Sun will be counting down the best live shows of 2010. Today we look at the No. 7 show of the year, A Perfect Circle at Marquee Theatre.

Show: A Perfect Circle at Marquee Theatre

Date: Thursday, November 4, 2010

Background: A Perfect Circle had recently ended a six-year hiatus and announced a five-city tour in which they were playing all three of their albums in their entirety. Tempe was the first stop on the tour, and the band more than exceeded expectations.

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Why it stood out: This was a band with Arizona roots (kinda, anyway) playing their best work to a hugely excited crowd. That's a recipe for success.

Someone else said: "Regardless of why they decided to get back together, whether it is to warm up for a new album or not, one thing is for sure; it's good to have them back if only for a short amount of time." -Michael Escoto, in a review of the second night's show for the Arizona Republic.

Read the full review here.

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