DJ Tranzo
DJ Tranzo

Oaxaca Saturdays @ Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant

Although DJ Tranzo doesn't own a sonic screwdriver or bomb around in a TARDIS, the local mixmaster and scratch king is just as adept as Doctor Who at taking people on a trip through history.

To wit: Every weekend at Oaxaca Saturdays, his turntables become a time machine as he spins up a hot ghetto mess of throwback jams, retro funk, and old-school hip-hop tracks. The interior of Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant, 1516 West Van Buren Street, is filled with the swank strain of The Gap Band, Rick James, Zapp, and other hitmakers from yesteryear as Tranzo drops the needle on LPs and old 45s. In between classic cuts, he's also known to throw some cumbia, merengue, Top 40, and R&B, as well as show off his scratching skills.

When the clock strikes 12, however, Tranzo gives up the decks to special guest turntablists for a "Midnight Mixdown" of modern-day hits and club bangers. (For instance, DJ Danny Boy from the Record Breakers is scheduled to appear on Saturday, June 30.) Local painter Ray Rivas will also be in the house doing live art all evening.


Needle Exchange

The time warp starts at 10 p.m. Admission is $10. Call 602-258-0804.


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