Oh My God

If you're gonna have an organ player in your group and call yourselves Oh My God, you could be mistaken for a Christian rock band. So indie trio OMG has this clarification on its MySpace page: "This Chicago rock band is not affiliated with God or Satan (though the band admires both their work)." And we're sure both would admire OMG's work, too — God for the band's musical diversity, which includes everything from melodic, radio-friendly rock songs like "Volatile" to the robotic electro seethings of tunes like "Action." And Satan would admire OMG's hedonistic, possessed live shows (filled with lots of hair, sweat, and gold lamé outfits), as well as lyrics like "Who here never had a dirty diaper?" ("Facewash"). Perhaps most impressive is the infectious pop hooks the band cranks out without the aid of a guitar. Credit for that goes to organ player Ig (Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Van Morrison), who channels the quirky sounds of his instrument through Leslie System speakers to create fuzzy tones that sound straight off a six-string. The trio's sixth album, Fools Want Noise (Novo), won't be released until next year, but they're currently spreading the gospel of Oh My God on a 23-city, pre-release tour.


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