Old 97's

Old 97's @ Martini Ranch

Old 97's should have hit it big in the late '90s, when fellow alt-country bands like Whiskeytown were riding the No Depression wave to success. Over the course of their 18-year career, Old 97's (named after a Johnny Cash cover) have toured consistently with the original lineup. And although they never reached breakout status, primary singer Rhett Miller and the Old 97's have successfully built a dedicated fan base — on the strength of their revved-up live shows, which showcase songs from their powerhouse alt-country albums like Too Far to Care and Fight Songs and their later works, such as the pop hook-heavy Satellite Rides (2001). Fans and critics appreciated the return of the Old 97's to Americana, which remains their dominant style. They are currently touring in support of The Grande Theatre, Volume Two, which is due out in July.


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