Old Town Cottonwood Hosts A Show

Eric Williams and The Cruisers
Eric Williams and The Cruisers

Mid-November appears to be a great time to stage a concert in an Old Town. The Big Pour will have Everclear (also known as "My Favorite Band of Sophomore Year of High School"), in Scottsdale and Old Town Cottonwood (near Sedona) has three mellowish shows planned for people who don't want to get bombed high-octane suds.

Eric Williams and the Cruisers play on Friday, November 13. Bill Dutcher is the headline act for the 'Walkin On Main' art/wine/music extravaganza and Kerry Grombacher plays with Don Whitcher on Sunday.

If you're old enough to know better but not young enough to remember Everclear, and up for a little roadtrip, this could be the show for you.

This version of the story is corrected.

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