OMB! Biebz's 3-D Movie Title, Poster Revealed

Never Say Never is the title for Justin Bieber's upcoming 3-D movie, according to Idolator. The movie poster was released today as well. That makes for one more Bieber poster we can all hang up in our bedrooms! Yes!

Film director Jon Chu posted pieces of the poster on his Twitter over the past two days to build up fans' anticipation. Weird, right?

The kid has released two albums, won an MTV VMA, and just dropped his book Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story on Tuesday. I'm going to go insane if J. Biebz makes any more announcements about the cool shit he's doing at his age that makes me feel unsuccessful in comparison. He's only 16 and he's already this accomplished. I certainly can't say I did any of those things by the time I was that age.


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