Once, Again: Film features the Frames' Glen Hansard and Czech pianist Markéta Irglová

By Brendan Joel Kelley ONCE_4.jpg Last week I blogged here about the film Once, starring the Frames' Glen Hansard and Czech pianist Markéta Irglová. Apparently, the New York Times and myself aren't the only fans of the film, which is pretty much a musical about two talented people who express their mutual attraction by making music together and then going their separate ways. In this week's issue of New Times, Robert Wilonsky, adds his seal of approval (the article's here), writing that Hansard sings "like Cat Stevens performing Damien Rice's songs for a Coldplay crowd as James Blunt forlornly looks on wishing that were him at the mic." It's an apt description, so if you find the film playing near you, you ought to check it out.

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