One Direction @ Comerica Theatre

There just aren't enough musical groups out there that allow grown women to cheer for barely legal eye candy. So thanks, One Direction, for filling that void. The British-Irish boy band has conducted a hysteria-inducing worldwide invasion that has won over fans of all ages, with Justin Bieber-esque good looks and smooth, buttery voices that encourage women to think of themselves as beautiful at all times — words wise beyond their years (average age of the members: 19). Gone is the perfected choreography of the *NSYNC days — the guys of 1D dance freely from the heart, showing they don't need synchronized moves to win over fans. The group may be breaking big in the States only now, but they've been pounding the music biz pavement for two years now, getting their start on British reality show X Factor. They've since strutted their stuff on a recent episode of SNL and could have filled bigger venues in the Valley, but performing at Comerica Theatre ensured a sell-out crowd that'll be full of screaming tween girls and their moms, who, for once, are happy to accompany their daughters. Some may call the music from their debut album, Up All Night, filler, but for 1D fans, it's biblical.


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