Otep @ Joe's Grotto

Get ready for some unleashed feminine fury: One Eyed Doll, Butcher Babies, and Otep are coming to town. It's a match made in the netherworld: One Eyed Doll mixes punk and metal with a unique Mad Hatter bent, that is if the Mad Hatter had decided to dismember all his guests in Wonderland. And you can't go wrong with the Butcher Babies — nothing attracts metalheads like hot chick singers armed with a death growl and covered in facepaint, fake blood, and electrical-taped breasts. Weave in breakneck double bass drumming, romping guitar lines, and clean melodic vocals and you can see how the band has such a strong following. But it's the headliner, Otep, which has been dismantling the idea that femininity and metal don't mix for the past 12 years. Since they were invited to play Ozzfest after Sharon Osbourne caught them live before they were even signed, the band has released five studio albums and recorded with Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison and former Static X lead guitarist Koichi Fukuda. This show guarantees unfiltered, blistering heavy metal, and Otep's choppy vocal style alternates between nu-metal angst and a fast-forward to a theatrical, artsy, apocalyptic future.


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