Our 10 Favorite Martian Songs in Honor of Curiosity

Ever since Curiosity survived the seven minutes of terror and landed on Mars last Sunday, we continue to be fascinated by the rover's pictures.

Last week the device, which looks like it could be Wall-E's cousin, took a cool black and white panoramic shot of the red planet. The environment kind of looks like the areas outside of our city limits without the highways and cacti and whatnot.

Wall-E didn't save the world in one day, so we can't expect Curiosity to constantly send us pictures--the bot isn't on Instagram quite yet, but it does have a Twitter account. While we wait for more photos of the surface of Mars, here are 10 songs about Mars and outer space to pass the time.

Jay-Z and Kanye West feat. Beyonce- Lift Off

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We gon' take it to the moon, take it to the stars How many people you know can take it this far? I'm supercharged I'm 'bout to take this whole thing to Mars

I bet some NASA employees were blasting this song as the Mars Science Laboratory took off on November 26. Curiosity is psyching itself up to outdo Opportunity and Spirit.

Devo- Space Junk

And now I'm mad about space junk I'm all burned out about space junk

Some space junk fell from the sky and killed Sally, so I don't blame Mark Mothersbaugh for getting stick of space junk. Are we not men? We are Martians!

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