On this Canada-based trio's debut, the eclectic talents of Peru's Silvana Kane and Canadian musicians Adam Popowitz and Toby Peter come together on a disc that goes in various musical directions, ranging from flamenco to electronica with a touch of Latin and indie pop in between. "Libertad" is a mellow English/Spanish tune with a hummable melody that could easily fit into today's pop radio format. "Óyeme" blends rock with cumbia, seemingly drawing inspiration from Aterciopelados, a Colombian band that was among the main acts of the initial rock en español wave of the early '90s. Their love for flamenco is expressed on the beautifully played "Paloma," one of the few acoustic tracks on the disc. Listen also to "Sweet," a love song that focuses Kane's vocal by using sparse instrumentation, save for some electronic beats and an acoustic guitar.


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