Packrat @ The Trunk Space

Do you miss the polyrhythmic guitars and glottal growls of Packrat? Well, the band misses you, too. So much that they've reformed after a brief hiatus to offer some math-rock cheer to the Trunk Space on Christmas Eve Eve. Boasting the divisive declaration that "Nirvana sucks" on their Facebook page, the band instead tilts toward '90s rockers Drive Like Jehu and prank-callers like Longmont Potion Castle. Songs like "The Point of Vacation Had Almost Escaped Me" off their six-song EP, Overwhelmed, teeter on the edge of dissonance and discord, creating a sound that's ambient and gritty but melodic enough to grab the attention of pop fans. With "I Am a Method Actor," the band achieves a thrusting glory akin to something like And You Will Know Us By the Trial of Dead might have, before that band shortened its name and was shaken loose from the heart of fans of violent art-rock. Welcome back, Packrat; it's nice to see you again.


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