Party-Hopping Pit Stop

Lucy and Desiree pucker up and party down at Cherry Lounge and Pit in Tempe on Friday, January 26.
Lilia Menconi

We liked the Scottsdale club life so much last week that we thought we might hit up a new hot spot, the Cherry Lounge & Pit in Tempe, on Friday, January 26. Mill Avenue was lively and teeming with drunkards when we trekked our way to the popular drinking destination. With a long line outside the door, twentysomethings were chomping at the pit (forgive us) to see the scene inside, which was literally red-hot — all the lamps provided rouge luminescence, and the heat was cranked up so the bikini-girl dancers wouldn't catch pneumonia.

The mixed crowd looked clean and casual, but despite the sweet spins of two DJs in separate rooms, there wasn't a lot of ass-shaking going on. Everyone was too busy chatting and checking each other out to really get down. Nonetheless, the darkened atmosphere and sexy decor of poster after poster showing lingerie-clad hotties made for a charged-up crowd that seemed to have a blast just boozing to the beats.

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