Paul Wall

Paul Wall

What is there not to like about Paul Wall? First of all, his name is an absolute blast to say — especially in his trademark Houston drawl. He always rocks his beloved grills, allowing the world to see that he has both fine taste in mouth jewelry and a big bank account. The man knows how to market himself, selling his exclusive line of grills online, just in case you need your teeth to weigh as much as his. Wall's exuberant attitude is displayed in his music — his unique, subdued take on the Houston rap scene that has progressed from the Geto Boys of the '90s on into contemporary acts like Bun B. and Chamillionaire. The self-proclaimed "People's Champ" exemplifies everything about that excessive hip-hop lifestyle that America loves. Aside from recording a single with a reality TV daughter who lacks any real talent (Brooke Hogan), Wall has had a career filled with success and insane marketability. I don't know about you, but I like cockiness, huge grins filled with shiny, diamond-encrusted grills, and a Southern drawl in my hip-hop.

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