Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher to Collaborate on Fashion Designs

It seems that since the break up of Oasis, Liam Gallagher hasn't quite figured out what to do with himself. He has been busy working on a film about the Beatles. This really isn't so far fetched since John Lennon is his ultimate idol, claiming both that he's been visited by Lennon's ghost and that he is in fact John Lennon reincarnated. (Sort of adds a whole new, scary dimension to fandom, huh?) Now, it's his fashion sense that's attracting attention.

According to NME, Paul Weller, known as The Modfather and former lead guitarist of The Jam will be teaming up with Liam Gallagher to design clothes for Gallagher's Pretty Green label. (The name was taken from a Paul Weller song.) You can find a complete interview with Weller on the line's website... along with some dashing cricket hats for only £15 -- that's about $25.

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