Wading through the horde of indie pop coming out of Carefree/Cave Creek is no easy task. Well, maybe it's a little easier than expected, thanks to goofballs Stefan Pruett and Johnny O'Keefe, better known to the world as Peachcake. The duo is about to release its first LP, What Year Will You Have the World?, which is remarkable for a perpetually touring band. Peachcake is anything but subtle in conveying its message of making the world a safer, better place for all those who inhabit it. The band sails its DayGlo hippie, hyper-environmental love boat through its sea of fans on static waves of lo-fi electronic tidings. Half of the band's resources are tied up in their desire to help people and, most importantly, Mother Earth — most likely their biggest fan. The other half oozes out in glitchy, spastic electro-indie pop. A band whose sole premise is to raise environmental awareness is like General Motors stock: I'm not buying it. It's a noble purpose — there's no denying that — but the guise wears thin after a while. However, kitsch is kitsch, and Peachcake does it well. So love thy neighbor and spazz out to some Peachcake.

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