Pegi Young

Pegi Young @ Celebrity Theatre

The last time there was a Stills-Young double-bill was in 1978, when Neil Young bailed on the tour via telegram after nine dates. Now Pegi Young, Neil's wife at that time and for the ensuing 33 years, is opening for Stephen Stills, and she assures anyone worried that she is not a similar flight risk. "That's ancient history. They've toured many times since then," she laughs. Many factors contributed to Pegi Young's delaying the release of her first record until 2007 — the birth of son Ben, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the founding of The Bridge School for children with severe verbal and physical disabilities, the staging of annual Bridge School Benefit concerts, and health problems for both her and Neil consumed most of that time. Since then, she's released two more self-assured albums; the latest, Bracing for Impact, contains quite a few funny and dark character studies like "Flatline Mama," "Trouble in a Bottle," and "Daddy Married Satan." "All I can say is my songs are not strictly autobiographical. I don't know. That's just what seems to come through me. I don't write happy songs. Usually all my downer songs, my melancholy songs, I try to give them an upbeat tempo.


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