Pepper @ Marquee Theatre

When you think about that special brand of reggae rock popularized by frat boys in the '90s, bands from Hawaii are not the first to come to mind. Still, Pepper, probably the most famous trio to emerge from Kailua-Kona, has managed to make a name for themselves in the genre. In fact, they've just released their sixth studio album, Stitches. The band has taken a slightly different approach to marketing their new material, offering up audio from their latest single, "Wake Up," and asking fans to submit remixes of the track. They even provide you with the software to do it, as well as a key signature and accompanying scale to use. Think it sounds kind of cool? Kind of like a neat way to engage fans? There's one problem. The contest "is open to legal residents of the U.S. (excluding Arizona)." Whaaaa? Could this be some sort of new way to punish listeners for SB 1070? Either way, it looks like Arizona fans won't be collaborating with Pepper anytime soon.


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