Pierced Arrows

When most married couples enter their 60s, they think about retirement and all that comes with it. You know, buying a cozy little home in Scottsdale where they can spend the remainder of their golden years just taking it easy, playing golf, and spending time with the grandkids. Fred and Toody Cole are not most married couples. After spending nearly 50 years in the music business, with a lot of different bands, the Coles are still rocking as hard as they ever did. Probably best known as members of the garage-punk band Dead Moon, they were an inspiration to DIY-ers everywhere by recording and engineering all their own material themselves and releasing their early albums on the band's own record label, Tombstone Records. Dead Moon disbanded in 2006 after the release of the band's 16th album, Echoes of the Past. But rather than trade their guitars for golf clubs, Fred and Toody just picked up right where they left and formed Pierced Arrows. The band added veteran drummer Kelly Halliburton to the mix and began working on a new album straight away, 2008's Straight to the Heart. Pierced Arrows still manages to keep a lot of the familiar Dead Moon sound, but also throws a little country into the mix. The band most recently released its latest album, Descending Shadows, on Vice Records and is currently on tour with labelmates Lullabye Arkestra.


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