San Diego foursome Pistolita is just beginning to stand on its own feet, but its roster of experience speaks volumes more than its members' ages. Not only is the piano-driven rock band the very first signing to powerhouse booking agent Andrew Ellis' Montalban Hotel label, but it's already toured with Say Anything, and Brand New, and played on this year's Warped Tour. But don't mistake the Fugazi-inspired, melodic tracks on the group's debut, Oliver Under the Moon, for the emo of its tour mates. Pistolita draws clear influence from post-punk, indie rock and, according to its MySpace page, Queen. Singer and pianist Conor Meads steers Pistolita away from being one of those bands that uses the black and white keys in a cheesy way, instead crafting edgy jaunts through an admirably unique amalgam of sound. You could call it beginner's luck, but that would overlook the pure talent that obviously drives this band.


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