Projekt Revolution Tour

Linkin Park has been able to pull off what many acts have been unable to do this summer -- sell tickets to its festival-style show. For its Projekt Revolution Tour, the rap-rock band pulled together a lineup worthy of an old-school Lollapalooza show, with the token rap act, novelty group, up-and-comers, and million sellers. Linkin Park has joined forces with the now reportedly clean Snoop Dogg, ska-punk Floridians Less Than Jake, the ever-dour Korn, and The Used (best known for its lead singer's relationship with Kelly Osbourne), along with Funeral for a Friend, and Autopilot Off. Showtime is 5 p.m., so expect short sets. And tight security has been an issue at other dates on the tour, so be prepared to empty your pockets, leave the camera phones at home, and raise your arms for the security wands.


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