Stiletto Formal
Tim Harmon

Pumpkins Tribute and Zippo Hot Tour

While you may not hear an obvious Smashing Pumpkins influence when listening to Stiletto Formal, the Phoenix indie-core band says it gets all gooey over Corgan and crew. On its MySpace profile, the band declares that the Smashing Pumpkins are one of their collective favorite bands. Good thing, too. Stiletto was approached by Blood Loss Alliance to record a song for Shot Full of Diamonds, a Smashing Pumpkins tribute album. The band jumped at the chance and hit the studio with Cory Spotts (who also recorded Stiletto Formal's EP, Masochism in the Place of Romance) to record the track "The Everlasting Gaze." Other bands contributing to the disc include Eighteen Visions, The Start, Bleeding Through, Armor for Sleep, Alexisonfire, and more. Shot Full of Diamonds hits stores July 5. -- Chelsea Ide

After the New Times Music Showcase last month, you'd think we'd have our fill of democracy in action. But no -- we'll take any chance to rock the vote, especially if the bands are local. Among 290 acts from 10 cities competing in the national Zippo Hot Tour contest, the Phoenix contingent includes altaRego, And the Hero Fails, Batter the Drag, Cede, Circle Effect, ColdFusion, Dream State, Ember Coast, Evolocity, The Fondells, Fracture Point, Fred Green, The Furnace, Jon Prophet, Kicking K8, Moonshine, North 19, Pistols at Dawn, PJ Grinch, Rising Pain, Sinner Lane, Soul on Strings, Storm Within, Thousand Yard Stare, Three Seconds More, Twinfalls, Unholy Allegiance, Vonzeles, and Zero Reflexion. Through June 30, fans can cast votes at to determine eight Phoenix semifinalists, who'll perform in September at four local showcases (two bands per weekend). Judges will pick one finalist, and then another round of online voting will determine which city's band gets the sweet grand prize: an 11-city tour with a national headliner, a trip to Hollywood to visit A&R reps from Capitol Records, and loads of other perks. -- Michele Laudig


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