Queer Eye

For nearly 20 years, the Queers have made a crude pop art of thrashing through their most infectious songs with the reckless abandon of a hardcore band — a really funny hardcore band that worships the Ramones and The Beach Boys. They actually cover the Beach Boys in one of the four music videos included on their new DVD, The Queers Are Here (MVD Visual). It's an endearingly faithful rendition of "Don't Back Down" that finds them, in their matching leather jackets, playing surf rock on the beach as go-go girls in fringe bikinis shake it to the beat. The other tracks are sloppy live renditions of their greatest hits, from "Blabbermouth" to "Like a Parasite." The sound is crap throughout, but the performances are great. And Joe Queer gets a chance to open up a bit in the interview segments, talking trash on modern punk, and getting to the bottom of that controversial band name. "We just wanted a name," Queer explains, "that would piss off the art-fag community back home."


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