Radiohead at Arena on Twitter

Radiohead at Arena on Twitter

So, was last night's Radiohead show hyped up to be like, the greatest thing, ever?

I hate going concerts with any sort of expectations because I usually walk away disappointed. I've been a casual fan since I first heard "Fake Plastic Trees" in Clueless, which is pretty funny when you think of the song in the context of the movie.

Once the Coachella line-up was announced, I considered selling my ticket to last night's show. I'm glad I ended up going, because honestly, if I had waited a month to see Radiohead play the same set, I would have got bored and left.

Before you leave a comment begging me to get fired, hear me out. Like I said earlier, I'm a casual fan. The King of Limbs stuff doesn't really do it for me. I'm glad I stuck it out though, because the encores made for a great show. I could not have asked for a stronger ending than "Paranoid Android."

My lukewarm response to the beginning of Radiohead's set was not common, judging from your tweets. I took to Twitter and found lots of people hyping the show up as much as I initially expected.

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@the_clean_freak Under normal circumstances I'd be really upset I have to go to work in 2.5 hours, but I just saw Radiohead. So I'm cool with it. @katedecker3 @radiohead @Kazyavka1 @colindole how much are dancing lessons from thom yorke?

@maxmullet There won't be a concert in AZ this year that tops that one. #radiohead

@negativesleep Today I was fortunate enough to see a band that I have always wanted to see live. Well worth the wait. Thanks for a great show @radiohead @ImMoDiggity: Aural and visual candy. Probably the best show I've ever seen. #radiohead

@AlanaPorter Gave Radiohead to some guy at Arena tonight & it was much better than regularhead #radiohead @IrishFire99 My ears are ringing, my feet are aching, & I can't stop smiling-sure signs of a great show! Radiohead killed, natch. Lighting was amazing!

@vutastic Is a Radiohead show that exciting that you have to tweet about it? Or are you so bored you have to tweet just so time can go by faster?

@photoatomic So tonight I saw Radiohead in the Miami Disneyland of awful chain restaurants and bars.

@take_the_stairs Ya know, I do like Radiohead and that was a good show, but I will never understand the level of their mass appeal. @jaimsclements HOLY HELL I JUST SAW RADIOHEAD AND MET OTHER LIVES AHHHHHH TOO MUCH TO HANDLE

@mitchmorby Just experienced radiohead live for the first time. Dunno how those sounds are made by humans playing musical instruments #mindblown #robots @Guy_Gerard @radiohead Did I just see the best live show of my entire life???

@DavidAppletree the only thing that absolutely sucks about radiohead is their politics. i hope most their fans just enjoy the music and ignore the politics.

@Fun_Beard At this point, Radiohead should just call every one of their songs Bleep Blop Bloop Drum Machine.

@tarquinc #Radiohead. Epic. OH: It's like a religious experience!

@SomethingSummer I laughed I cried I never wanted it to end. #radiohead

@kaliajay Radiohead rocks my pants off. Thom Yorke = Best Dancer. Ever.

@Nightelfyo My voice is going to be sore for weeks. #Radiohead

@patrickyeahokay That is why Radiohead is and will always be my favorite fucking band.

@pfunky4 If you don't believe in hypnotism you clearly havnt been to a @radiohead show @Applemysteries Words can't describe how fucking epic that was. #Radiohead

@kymventola Paranoid Android. Best song of the night. #radiohead #phoenix

@MachineGunJoey_ when radiohead played lotus flower my dick got so hard.

@henri_ng this Radiohead show left me pissed off and bored!

@jennleiboaz It smells like pot in here...and I doubt it's for medical reasons. #Radiohead @heyheyash Beware! Hundreds of shitty Radiohead recordings from the raucous Arena in glamorous Glendale, AZ will soon surface.

@kasey_gentry I don't care what anyone says #radiohead is not that great. I don't get the hype.

@may_may their minds when they play idioteque at coachella. Best. Version. Ever. #radiohead #RadioheadPhoenix

@RAD_III Some of the people dancing got skills! #thomyorkeinspired #radiohead

@Jayne_Surrena I made a man walk out the bar teary eyed after telling him Radiohead is mainstream @Ant_DC Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box is currently being played by Radiohead for the first time since 2001. This tour kicks ass.

@evillasquared The only thing keeping me from being pissed about not seeing Radiohead tonight is the fact that I know the crowd will be full of posers @Brittblackbird Ah the smell of marijuana, and beautiful music. It's a Radiohead concert.

@2Js_Caballero RADIOHEAD CONCERT! I haven't been this excited since my mom bought me my first princess dress.

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