Radiohead, "Dog Toy" (King Of Limbs B-Side)

Radiohead, "Dog Toy" (King Of Limbs B-Side)

Song: Radiohead, "Dog Toy" (King Of Limbs Leaked B-Side)

Context: This track, "Dog Toy," is apparently a b-side from Radiohead's new record The King Of Limbs. The song leaked today, April 1. It sounds a lot like Jonny Greenwood teasing a little white shih-poo named Lucy with a squeaky toy under the watchful eye of Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich, but who knows what all went into this recording. Personally, I think it might be the most accessible thing to come out of the band's most recent studio session. This isn't the dense but pop-leaning music of the band's OK Computer heyday but it'll certainly please fans more than the rest of the record has. Radiohead - Dog Toy (Rare King Of Limbs B-Side)

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