Radiotakeover Tour

Radioabandonment Tour is more like it. Nobody's singing "We Want the Airwaves" anthems anymore, and since Joey Ramone's look-alike Howard Stern announced he's abandoning broadcast for satellite radio, the end is drawing near. has been an invaluable source for independent music on the Internet, and its smorgasbord tours are about as eclectic as its typical indie/punk/hardcore streaming playlists. Christian rock band Mewithoutyou unites people of all faiths in despondency with front man Aaron Weiss' scream-of-consciousness harangues -- ah, well, maybe it's more amusing to watch. Dealing better with heartbreak is Chicago's own Owen, a solo, largely acoustic emo project of singer-songwriter Mike Kinsella after the disbanding of his revered former band American Football. Alabama's The Snake The Cross The Crown is like a cross between Radiohead and No Depression, with a predisposition for pretentiously epic titles that might coax the Moody Blues out of senility. "On the Threshold of Eternity," anyone? And lastly, Canada's Despistado takes over the radio for some much-needed frivolous pop, like "Can I Please Have an Order of Girl With a Side of Confused."


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