Yo-ho-ho, a raverÂ’s life for me.

Ravers of the Caribbean

Bust out the guyliner and yer Jack Sparrow duds, landlubbers, because the raving lunatics of Karma Productions and Nightowl Entertainment are, err . . . pirating Disney's blockbuster high-seas adventure flicks for the theme of their latest all-night dance spectacular, Ravers of the Caribbean. SoCal spinsters DJ Jayvon and FESTER headline the event (along with mic master MC XYZ), which weighs anchor on Saturday, August 18, and includes turntable sessions from such rave regulars as Tranzit, Sonique Des Fleurs, Admyer, Habikki, Reminisce, and Harmonious across three stages (each named after locations and ships from the film series). As usual, the promoters are being as mysterious as Captain Jack, and won't reveal the location until the night of the shindig. Admission costs $15 before 10 p.m., $20 afterwards. Call 480-238-5362 or 602-299-7721 the day of the event for the 411.


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