Record Heat: Younger and Drunker by Brad Dwyer

Record Heat: Younger and Drunker by Brad Dwyer

Here's to "intentionally flowery-bullshit."

In this week's installment of Record Heat, Brad Dwyer remembers the urge to push to the front of the crowd and dance at a show. In light of our "Don't Be an Asshole or: A Few Words On The Subject of Concert Etiquette," it's important to remember that there are shows where you just have to move (Mike Escoto himself state it in the piece -- his gripe was specifically about seated venues, which yeah, are not nearly as much fun as general admission shows).

I spent this weekend at two very different shows (Graveyard at Yucca and They Might Be Giants at Marquee), and while the differences were legion (didn't see any crust punks at TMBG, but perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough), both were marked by energetic fans, the kind of folks who want to bounce around and move.

I don't always feel like bouncing around at shows. You probably don't either. And in those instances the best course of action is a simple one: Get out of the way and let people have fun.

Record Heat: Younger and Drunker by Brad Dwyer

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