Red Sparowes: Textured math-rock

Red Sparowes

Between Pelican and Sigur Rós lie Red Sparowes, whose epic instrumentals have the ability to pummel you, but instead lull you into submission with rich sonic washes as thick as oil and as deep as the ocean. Formed four years ago, the band features Isis guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer, and is similarly rich in texture. However, while Isis and its doom-metal compatriots work in brooding brutality, the colors Red Sparowes display are more subtle, melodic, and tempered, beholden to the cinematic post-rock of Godspeed You Black Emperor! and the adventurous soundscapes employed by Tribes of Neurot. (The Sparowes are on the Neurot label, and feature the Tribes' video guy, Josh Graham, on guitar.) The Sparowes' latest album, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun, ups the emotional and instrumental complexity, as the band members collectively dig deeper into their math-rock backgrounds, spicing the mix with more twists and turns while tightening the thematic thread of each song.


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