Repo Party: Take My Organ, Please!

If you haven't heard of the gory stage show turned slasher flick known as

Repo Party: Take My Organ, Please!

The rest of the cast literally rocked, from Phantom of the Opera soprano Sarah Brightman as GeneCo opera diva Blind Mag to Anthony Stewart Head (yes, fellow vampire nerds, that's Giles from Buffy) as a doting father with a secret double-life as head repo man. If you're not squeamish, Repo would be a cool party flick. Sick, twisted party ideas after the jump.

Repo Party: Take My Organ, Please!

You might not know it, but you're probably already a decent Repo Man. Drag out your old Operation! board game, paint the organs with a couple of blood spots and let the endless buzzing begin.

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